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Eliza Broz Claims the Jackpot Again in $30,000 Open Classic at Thermal

Thermal, California, USA – February 11, 2023 – Eliza Broz and Tinkerbell have competed in the $30,000 FarmVet 1.45m Open Classic twice together during Desert Circuit so far, and the duo have won in both outings. With a 100% strike rate in the class, Broz and the 13-year-old Mecklenberger mare (Chacco Blue x Silvio) blazed an unbeatable class in the week five edition Thursday afternoon.

“‘Tink’ is obviously very good at speed classes, and she’s naturally careful,” Broz, 18, said of why these classes suit her and the mare so well. “I get in there and she’s fresh and maybe still checking out the jumps, so she stays careful and I can just ride. I’ve learned she has so much power by the end of the course that I have to keep her a little slow at the beginning.”

The initial slow pace was deceptive for then-leader Shawn Casady (USA), who set a time to beat with Tiffany Sullivan’s Castelissimo of 60.238 seconds. Broz left very little on the table, clocking in at 58.801 seconds. “Shawn said I looked so slow at the beginning and then he looked at the time and thought, ‘What happened?!’ Broz joked. “I just let her do her thing and she’s naturally good at that.”

Casady ended up second while Jake Endicott (USA) claimed third with RMF Chacco Top, owned by Ashland Farms.

Elisa Broz (USA) & Tinkerbell in their winning presentation, pictured with Sarah Chenoy and FarmVet CEO Wayne Gibson. Photo by High Desert Sport Photo

Broz is coming off a two-week hiatus from the show ring, which so far has proven to be a good decision for her own and her horses’ performances. “I think it’s always good to give the horses a break,” she remarked. “They’re athletes too; they need time to recover and chill. We do lots of flatwork and training at home. I got to see my parents which is always nice. Something that’s really important that Cassio [Rivetti] has taught me and has made sure to emphasize is flatwork. That, for her, is really important.”

Shawn Casady (USA) & Castelissimo. Photo by High Desert Sport Photo

Going into week five, Broz held the third-place position in the G2 Open Jumper Leading Rider standings. With her eye on the overall prize at the end of the season, she plans to keep aiming Tinkerbell at these open classes to continue earning prize money. “That’s my goal with Tink, to keep some money won and hope to be up there,” she shared. “Obviously Kaitlin [Campbell] is doing quite well. It’s tough out there but we’ll see!”

Jake Endicott (USA) & RMF Chacco Top. Photo by High Desert Sport Photo

Final Results – $30,000 FarmVet 1.45m Open Classic

1) Elisa Broz (USA) & Tinkerbell / Elisa Broz / 58.801

2) Shawn Casady (USA) & Castelissimo / Tiffany Sullivan / 0/60.238

3) Jake Endicott (USA) & RMF Chacco Top / Ashland Farms / 0/60.866

4) McKenna Norris (USA) & Billy Nala / / McKenna Norris / 0/63.015

5) Stephanie Gershon (USA) & C’Est Roberto / / Everardo A Hegewisch / 0/65.070

6) Kaitlin Campbell (SA) & Sun Warrior / / Linda Starkman / 4/60.960

7) Ian McFarlane (USA) & Escapado S / / Mountain View West Farm LLC / 4/61.449

8) Matt Archer (USA) & Monseigneur / Rhys Farms, LLC / 4/62.032

9) Amy Juelsgaard (NED) & Capri 111 / Amy Juelsgaard / 4/63.749

10) Savannah Jenkins (USA) & Comrado / Proper 12, LLC / 4/65.767

11) Amy Juelsgaard (NED) & Corpowei / Amy Juelsgaard / 4/67.370

12. Allison La Joie (USA) & Botero / Durango Farms / 4/70.313

Source: Press Release by Tori Bilas for Desert International Horse Park (DIHP)

Photos: © DIHP / HD – High Desert Photo / TB – Tori Bilas Photography / MG / ON