CSI 2*

Three Wins & No Limits! Cathleen Driscoll Does It Again Winning $37,000 Limitless Performance Speed Classic CSI 2*

Traverse City, Michigan, USA – July 21, 2022 – Cathleen Driscoll (USA) pulled off her third FEI win in one week’s time in Thursday’s $37,000 Limitless Performance Speed Classic CSI 2*. Of 35 starting entries, Driscoll topped an international field aboard Don Stewart’s Flotylla, her third winning mount of the Great Lakes Equestrian Festival (GLEF), presented by CaptiveOne Advisors.

“I’m just ecstatic,” the 29-year-old from Elk Mills, MD, remarked. “I have such a great group of horses right now. I’ve had three wins on three different horses in the last three classes. It’s just unbelievable. I’m so lucky to have this string of horses.”

Olivia Chowdry (USA) & Chuck Berry 8

Early in the order, Olivia Chowdry (USA) set a quick time of 62.81 seconds aboard Chuck Berry 8, owned by Atlas Equine Holdings LLC.

She was then outdone by Sydney Shulman Desiderio (ISR) and Jill Shulman’s Classic Penny, who raced to a time of 60.89 seconds.

Driscoll shaved two tenths of a second off of the leading time to bring the Twydil Time to Beat down to 60.70 seconds and hold the lead until the close of the class. Shulman Desiderio claimed second place while Chowdry took third.

“I saw Sydney go, and she was really on it,” Driscoll commented. “I knew I had to do the same plan as her. I thought I could do a slightly better turn from [fence] three to four; I think that’s where I was able to catch her a bit. After that I tried to stay on the numbers everywhere. Every turn just came up forward out of stride exactly how I wanted it to go. My mare was just with me everywhere.”

After claiming both the welcome with Magnolia and grand prix on Dame De Pique during GLEF II, Driscoll is on quite a roll in international competition. After taking over the ride on Flotylla at the end of 2021, she has developed the mare up to the CSI3* level and is breaking into the top ribbons at international levels.

Cathleen Driscoll (USA) & Flotylla during the awards ceremony

“She’s an unbelievable mare,” Driscoll commented on the Polish Sport Horse (Alvaro 121 x Bajou Du Rouet). “She’s really careful and very fast. She’s a fighter for sure. I prefer horses like that. I want one that is going to go in the ring and fight as hard as I do. I have such a good feeling going in the ring knowing she’s always a contender.”

Consistency in the ring is the result of a strong program at home, and Driscoll can feel confident she is doing right by her horses. “When we’re at home we try to give them a lot of downtime between shows,” she remarked on her program. “I love to take my horses out and gallop them a lot, and we take them on trail rides; I try to keep them happy and fresh. When they come to the shows they’re happy and excited to do their jobs, so they perform well in the ring.”

Driscoll’s fun has not been limited to the Flintfields Horse Park while in northern Michigan this summer. “I love Traverse City,” she continued. “I go out on the lake every Monday. The town is wonderful, the restaurants are fantastic, and I dabble at the casino, not that I’m very good.”

With her third FEI victory in one week, she has a bit more prize money in her pocket and now sits only two points behind Margie Engle (USA) in the CaptiveOne Advisors Open Jumper Rider Bonus Standings.

International competition resumes in the Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel International Ring on Friday with the $37,000 North Face Farm CSI2* Welcome Stake.

Final Results: $37,000 Limitless Performance CSI2* Speed Classic

1) Cathleen Driscoll (USA) & Flotylla: 2011 PZHK mare by Alvaro 121 x Bajou Du Rouet, Donald Stewart: 0/60.70

2) Sydney Shulman Desiderio (ISR) & Classic Penny: 2012 NWB mare by Clapton, Jill Shulman: 0/60.89

3) Olivia Chowdry (USA) & Chuck Berry 8: 2007 HANN gelding by Chacco Blue x Watzmann, Atlas Equine Holdings LLC: 0/62.81

4) Natalie Dean (USA) & Maestro Vica vc Ark: 2012 BWP stallion by Lordanos x Heartbreaker, Marigold Sporthorses LLC: 0/63.40

5) Matthew Boddy (GBR) & Balotelli 5: 2010 HANN gelding by Balou Du Rouet x Contendro I, Purple Road LLC: 64.78

6) Mavis Spencer (USA) & Con Calle: 2009 Holst gelding by Contendro II x Cassini II, Georgy Maskrey-Segesman: 0/65.93

7) Victoria Ketchum (USA) & Isaac 22: 2008 BWP gelding by Nonstop x Darco, Copperline Farm LLC: 0/68.26

8) Zayna Rizvi (USA) & Excellent: 2009 KWPN gelding by Cicero Z Van Paemel x Ahorn, Peacock Ridge LLC: 0/69.34

9) Karime Perez Nuñez (MEX) & Camina K: 2011 BRAND mare by Clarimo x Askari 173, Karime Perez Nuñez: 0/69.54

10) Anna Wilks (GBR) & Ma Pomme de Tamerville: 2012 BWP mare by Deauville Van T&L x Contendro II, IN Showjumpers: 0/69.70

11) Mavis Spencer (USA) & Carissimo 25: 2013 HOLST gelding by Cascadello x Clinton, Georgy Maskrey-Segesman: 0/71.44

12) Victoria Ketchum (USA) & Extasy: 2012 HOLST mare by Quadros x Clearway, Copperline Farm LLC: 0/73.69

Source: Press Release from Traverse City Horse Shows

Photos: © Andrew Ryback Photography

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