Mckayla Langmeier & Bahira S Turn on the Nitro to Win the CabanaCoast Speed Challenge CSI 2* at Wellington

Wellington, Florida, USA – March 31, 2022 – Starting off on Thursday, international jumper riders for the CabanaCoast-sponsored CSI2* division got their first taste of the turf for the week in the $12,000 1.45m speed class. Late in the order, McKayla Langmeier (USA) and Bahira S charged up to the first oxer and never let up, galloping away with the win in 51.80 seconds.

Course designer Guilherme Jorge (BRA) along with assistant course designer Mauricio Garcia (PUR) set a winding track across the expansive Derby Field for 66 starting combinations, representing 16 nations. The time allowed of 69 seconds proved to be a non-issue, with several quick turns interspersed with longer gallops providing plenty of opportunity for efficiency and speed.

Luis Fernando Larrazabal (VEN) was fifth in the order and crossed the timers in 55.31 seconds with Calle Quinn (Calmando 3 x Quintero), owned by Ana Holguin. Larrazabal’s time looked like it would be the winning ride, until 52 trips later when Langmeier and Bahira S demonstrated an even faster gear to finish three and a half seconds ahead.

Second to last on course, Luciana Christina Guimaraes Lossio (BRA) and her own Lady Louise JMen gave it a good shot, stopping the clock in 54.73 seconds for second place. Larrazabal slotted into third.

“Today’s goal with her was to go in there and try to win,” noted Langmeier. “I just wanted to be mindful of the right turns in the course because they’re a little bit harder for me with her. Anywhere there’s a right turn and I’m going fast, I’m always a little bit pre-planning where I want to be on the landing with her.”

Bahira S was previously owned by Chile’s Samuel Parot (CHI), and Abigail McArdle, who now rides with Parot and previously rode for Henri and Katie Prudent of Plain Bay Farm, showed her in a few classes as well. That caught the eye of the Prudents, who thought it would be a good match for Langmeier. Rafferty Farm LLC purchased the 12-year-old Oldenburg by Balou du Rouet, and Langmeier has had the ride since, coming up on a year.

“She’s really hot and careful, so doing speed classes with her is kind of her little niche,” said Langmeier. “When I first started riding her, I was a little surprised by just how hot she is. She has a lot of blood, so she sometimes gets a little overpowering, but she’s really fun to ride.”

Though Langmeier rode Bahira S on the grass for the $25,000 CP National Grand Prix during WEF week 6, they otherwise haven’t had a lot of experience with turf arenas.

“It’s great to be able to come out here and kind of let her loose on the grass. Just changing up the scenery with her is always best to keep her sharp and always interested,” explained Langmeier.

Mckayla Langmeier (USA) & Bahira S during the awards ceremony

Final Results – $12,000 CabanaCoast CSI 2*

1) Mckayla Langmeier (USA) & Bahira S – 0 / 51.8

2) Luciana Christina Guimarães Lossio (BRA) & Lady Louise JMen – 0 /  54.73

3) Luis Fernando Larrazabal (VEN) & Calle Quinn – 0 / 55.31

Source: Press Release by Amanda Picciotto Feitosa & Summer Grace / Jennifer Wood Media, Inc. for ESP – Equestrian Sports Productions / WEF – Winter Equestrian Festival

Photos: © Sportfot