David Beisel & Essince W Ride for the Win in $30,000 Grand Prix at Wilmington

Wilmington, Ohio – January 22, 2022 – David Beisel (USA) and daughter Izzy Beisel (USA) are both frequent visitors to the World Equestrian Center winners circle and tonight was no exception as the father/daughter duo rode away with top honors in their respective feature classes. 

The electrifying crowd roared as David Beisel (USA) and his own Essince W rode through the timers winning tonight’s $30,000 WEC Grand. Beisel and the thirteen-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding finished the first round with one of the fastest times in the class at 71.067 seconds. He later returned to the jump-off, going clean and clear in just 33.754 seconds. 

David Beisel (USA) & Essince W

During tonight’s $30,000 WEC Grand Prix, Beisel employed a strategy that worked well for him in the Welcome Stake earlier this week, when he opted for speed over risky inside turns, earning the win. 

“I wasn’t sure if anyone actually made the inside turn off of the Butterfly oxer. I looked at it and decided that it wouldn’t be in my plan. I figured if you wanted to turn inside you would have to slow down a lot and in return, it would kill your horse’s motor and momentum. I kept the speed around the corner for the next jump. Essince is great in so many ways. In his turns and the way, he gallops to a jump. Tonight I wanted to put my trust in him to the two stride pair of verticals. I know how careful he is and it worked out in our favor to win it.” 

Richard L. Rinehart (USA) & Vincent

Richard Rinehart (USA) of Rinehart Farm in Westfield, Indiana, chose a path similar to Beisel. Rinehart and Ron Caraway’s Vincent remained fast and steady to deliver fault-free rounds and finish with times of 72.877 in the qualifying round and 34.999 seconds in the jump-off, for a second place finish. 

David Arcand (CAN) riding Dollar Del Colle showed off their speed through both tracks. Their fault-free first round effort stopped the clocks in 73.287 seconds, securing them a spot on the jump-off. Arcand and Dollar Del Colle tackled the short course in 35.420 seconds to earn third-place honors. 

David Beisel (USA) & Essince W

Final Results – $30,000 WEC Grand Prix

1) David Beisel (USA) & Essince W – 0 / 0 – 33.754

2) Richard L. Rinehart (USA) & Vincent – 0 / 0 – 34.999

3) David Arcand (CAN) & Dollar Del Colle – 0 / 0 – 35.420

4) Megan Bash (USA) & Z Diamanty – 0 / 0 – 35.713

5) David Beisel (USA) & Hendrik – 0 / 0 – 37.261

6) Doug King (USA) & Main Line Girl – 0 / 0 – 37.351

7) Darby Pease (USA) & Cumbaya W – 0 / 4 – 34.856

8) Megan Bash (USA) & Jackson VDL – 0 / 4 – 34.861

9) Chloe Parker (USA) & Tinka’s Soldier – 0 / 4 – 35.123

10) David Beisel (USA) & Vegas H – 0 / 4 – 35.697

Source: Press Release from WEC – World Equestrian Center

Photos: © Winslow photography