Back-to-Back Wins for David Beisel In $30,000 WEC Grand Prix

Wilmington, Ohio – November 21, 2021 – The Sanctuary arena stands were filled for the Saturday evening feature classes at World Equestrian Center – Wilmington. Up-and-coming horses and their riders gave it their all in the $10,000 Futures Prix, meanwhile top-level competitors vied for the win in the $30,000 Grand Prix. The course for tonight’s classes were designed by course designer Keith Bollotte. The $30,000 WEC Grand Prix 1.40 – 1.45 featured many bending lines, a triple combination and a liverpool which proved challenging for many competitors. 

Just two riders jumped clear to advance to the jump-off and in an unusual situation, Michael D. Burnett (USA) finished second after electing to withdraw his horse, Chagrand, from the jump-off. David Beisel (USA) and Essince W entered the ring but did not complete the jump-off course, choosing instead to save the horse for another day yet ultimately taking the Grand Prix win.

David Beisel (USA) & Essince W

David Beisel (USA) of David Beisel Stables in Goshen, Ohio and Essince W  (Chacco Blue x Rossan) jumped a fast and clear first round in just 70.402 seconds. After their entrance in the jump-off, Beisel and the 12-year-old KWPN gelding did their usual “meet and greet” with fans in the stands as they rode the rail to exit the arena. It is apparent that Essince’s jumping style matches his personality; big! 

We caught up with David ringside to chat about his win. “It was lucky for Essince… The course rode how it walked, but on my first horse the bending eight was tough. He is more green and we got there a little early. It was an advantage for Essince to ride after him, because I had a new game plan in mind. Essince has a lot more seasoning than my other two entries, so he was able to complete the tricker parts of the course with more ease.” 

Michael D. Burnett (USA) & Chagrand

Michael D. Burnett (USA) of Burnett farm in Lebanon, IN and his own Chagrand (Chacco Blue x Centogrina) finished the fastest in round one, completing the course in 64.339 seconds, well below the allowed time of 77 seconds. Being one of only two in the jump-off, Burnett made the decision to withdraw the twelve-year-old Oldenburg from competing in the second round to take second place honors. 

Molly Kindness (USA) & Strawberry

Molly Kindness (USA) of Berry Hill Equestrian, Lebanon, Ohio and Strawberry (Hobby De La Cense x Aphrodite) jumped to land in third place. This pair raced through the timers in 66.990 seconds. Unfortunately, the duo knocked an unlucky rail, which ultimately kept them out of the jump-off. 

Final Results – $30,000 WEC Grand Prix 1.40m – 1.45m

1) David Beisel (USA) & Essince W – 0 / 70.402 – RT

2) Michael D. Burnett (USA) & Chagrand – 0 / 64.339 – WD

3) Molly Kindness (USA) & Strawberry – 4 / 66.990

4) Charlotte Clark (USA) & Kinsella – 8 / 70.733

5) Lani Hutchison (USA) & Light Show – 8 / 71.549

6) Sam Berry (USA) & Jarocco Blue – 8 / 73.199

7) David Beisel (USA) & Vegas H – 8 / 73.901

8) David Beisel (USA) & Hendrik – 8 / 76.453

9) Diana Conlon (USA) & PDR Pinion – 11 / 79.197

10) Darby Pease (USA) & Cumbaya W – 12 / 74.846

Source: Press Release WEC – World Equestrian Center

Photos: © Winslow