Nathalie Thornell & Snow White Showcase their Talent in $30,000 Equestrian Center Grand Prix at Wilmington 

Wilmington, Ohio – July 24, 2021 –  An enthusiastic crowd filled the Sanctuary Arena stands Saturday afternoon for feature jumper action. Fans cheered for their favorite horse and rider combinations as they tackled the courses in hopes of a big win.

Nineteen entries took on the Grand Prix course, which had a time allowed of 80 seconds in the first round. Bobby Murphy designed the course, challenging many riders’ technical abilities throughout the class.

Wilhelm Genn (GER) stole the show with an incredible win in the $30,000 World Equestrian Center Grand Prix aboard his own Van Gogh. He also won Thursday evenings $10,000 Welcome Stake on this talented mount. 

Thursday saw father and son, Wilhelm (GER) and Ryan Genn (USA) , take both first and second place in the $10,000 World Equestrian Center Welcome Stake. In this class, Ryan and VDL Gerinus T (Arezzo VDL x Rosalina) took fifth place, jumping the evening’s fastest first round of 74.781 seconds with four jumping faults. 

“Winning never gets old! I am super happy with our ride,” Genn said. “I started a different warm up routine with him after a mishap a few weeks ago and the new routine gives him so much confidence now. We don’t jump any oxers now in the warmup ring, just strictly gymnastics and it has made such a difference for his confidence.”

Genn (GER) and Van Gogh crossed the timers in the first round at just 77.39. The pair blazed through the jump off with a clear round in 45.613, nearly four seconds ahead of the second place finisher. 

Taking second place was Genn’s student Natalie Thornell (USA) and the beautiful Snow White (Clinton x Jung Laguna), a 12-year-old Westphalian mare. Snow White, a former mount of the first place finisher, Wilhelm Genn, was well-prepared for the class, navigating the first round nearly effortlessly and going clear in just 79.448 seconds. Thornell (USA) and Show White crossed the jump off timers at 49.617 seconds for a very respectable second place finish.

Maria Roberts (USA) & Tyson Uno

Shortly after, Maria Roberts (USA) and the talented fifteen-year-old bay horseTyson Uno (Tyson x Izaura G), landed in third place. Their fast and furious clear first round ended in just 78.354 seconds, followed by a clean jumped second round of 51.947 seconds with two time faults.

Final Results – $30,000 World Equestrian Center Grand Prix 

1) Wilhelm Genn (GER) & Van Gogh – 0 / 0 – 45.613 

2) Natalie Thornell (USA) & Snow White – 0 / 0 – 49.617 

3) Maria Roberts (USA) & Tyson Uno – 0 / 2 – 51.947

4) Wilhelm Genn (GER) & Bugatti –  1 / 80.428

5) Ryan Michael Genn (USA) & VDL Gerinus T – 4 / 74.781

6) Izzy Beisel (USA) & Ammeretto – 4 / 75.511

7) Colleen Acosta (USA) & Lancome – 4 / 75.624

8) Kady Abrahamson (USA) & Banco Du Moulin – 4 / 76.167

9) Kady Abrahamson (USA) & Maraca LS La Sala – 4 / 77.734

10) Jill M. Gaffney (USA) &  FF Olive –  4 / 79.444

Source: Press Release from WEC – World Equestrian Center

Photos: © Winslow Photography