Current ESP COVID-19 Protocols Will Remain at Equestrian Sport Productions Horse Shows Through May 16th

Wellington, Florida, USA – May 14, 2021 – Equestrian Sport Productions (ESP) is aware of the press release sent out earlier today by US Equestrian that says the USEF COVID-19 Action Plan will be amended due to the recent CDC announcement which said fully vaccinated individuals can participate in indoor and outdoor activities, large or small, without wearing a face covering/mask or physically distancing. 

To view US Equestrian’s full statement, please click HERE.

US Equestrian’s press release noted, “A fully updated version of the USEF COVID-19 Action Plan will be posted to the USEF website no later than close of business on Tuesday, May 18.” Until that written Action Plan is made public, ESP will not be modifying its current COVID protocols.

The ESP COVID protocols still include practices such as temperature checks upon entry, facial coverings when not riding, and social distancing. The full version of the safety protocol can be found HERE.
Additionally, credentials are still required for every person, including riders, grooms, trainers, staff members, vendors, and equine support, that will be on the show grounds. Please note that credentials will remain a requirement for entry into the PBIEC show grounds until spectators can return in full capacity. PLEASE KEEP YOUR CREDENTIALS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

Please assume that the COVID protocols are fully in place until you hear otherwise from ESP directly.
ESP management will work on an updated version of the ESP COVID protocols to align with the recommendations of the CDC and US Equestrian once the written action plan is published. ESP will make another announcement next week once the proper amendments to the regulations have been finalized.
ESP remains dedicated to our customers’ safety and well-being. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we prepare for the next steps. We will notify you as soon as we have a plan ready to be implemented.

Source: Press Release from ESP – Equestrian Sports Productions

Photo: © ESP – Equestrian Sports Productions / PBIEC – Palm Beach International Equestrian Center

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